Starting a business is difficult enough with creating a business plan, securing funding, incorporating your business, construction and remodeling… The list goes on and on. Once you’re at the finish line, one of the last things to check off the list is choosing service providers. This point of the venture is extremely daunting and often overlooked by frustrated business owners who just want to get their business open.

Mounds of paperwork, quotes and randomly scattered salesman’s business cards are what usually don a new business owner’s desk at this point of the game. The stress and anxiety of opening the doors for business usually drives the owner to make rash decisions and just play Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo with these extremely important details. These ill-advised decisions often lead to more headaches down the road. Part of the high failure rate for new businesses is incompetent decisions made in regards to the business’ infrastructure. Poor call quality, unstable network, system errors and poor cabling jobs can lead to nightmare situations for new business owners.

But don’t worry, there is a new solution hitting the market. TSP, or Total Solutions Providers, are a one stop shop for vetting, quoting and executing contracts for multiple service providers. It’s like when you ask a friend if they can help with something and they respond with “I know a guy”… Except a TSP can organize multiple quotes for each service provider and lay them out in an easy to understand format. This will allow you to be in control, giving you a detailed view as to which service provider, and at what price, is best for your company. A good TSP will walk you through the whole process, help you execute contracts and oversee installation of the services.

A great example of a quality Total Solutions Provider are the guys here at Vendor Relations. Vendor Relations can help secure services like phone systems, internet services, security systems, structure cabling, credit card processing, website design and can even help with complete buildouts of your facility. We also can help with IT services (initial and ongoing), managed services (like work stations and network security) and complete network design. A company like us can help secure a few or all of the services that your business needs. Many of these companies charge a fee for their services, but some don’t, like Vendor Relations who has a wholesale agreement with the service providers who pay them directly for acting as the agent.

The right TSP can be an extension of your business, they can help with any service issues and can negotiate contracts that are set to expire. Companies like Vendor Relations also have a service where they automatically check for better rates and new services to help keep your business up to date and running lean. If you are a new business or an existing one who has trouble managing your many service providers, look into securing a TSP to help walk you the process… Your profit sheets, and sanity, will thank you!